Own your data and applications with on-premises servers. No subscriptions, no 3rd-party risks. Why on-premises?

Digital Workspace

The digital bread-and-butter of every organization, our Digital Workspace platform provides the essential tools and services for your modern workforce. File-sharing, group calendar, contact management, messaging, conferencing, forms, etc. See more...

Document Management

Electronic document archive and retrieval system to manage all your organization's documents. Convert paper to searchable data, organized and available securely, anytime, anywhere. 

Media Management

Have a lot of media files to work with? Our media management server lets you store, organize, search, and review terabytes of media files. With AI image recognition and tagging of persons, objects, places, etc. 

Generative AI

Want to produce AI images without paying and depending on 3rd-party services? Host your own Generative AI server for unlimited in-house media production.

Custom Applications

We build custom applications for your specific needs. Such as:

  • Inventory
  • Lead/Sales tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Approval/workflow systems
  • Incident tracking
  • ... etc