Contact tracing for ALL

March 24, 2020 Off By jaykayenn

In resuming commercial activities and relaxing public quarantines related to the CoVID-19 pandemic, a method for logging public visits to business premises (or other public places) is needed to facilitate contact tracing in the event of an infection being detected.

Most, if not all, public contact tracing soluctions seem overly obsessed with developing smartphone apps or high-tech location tracking. Not only is this overkill, but also leaves out significant segments of society. Not everyone has a smartphone or unlimited data plan. 

My proposed concept is a highly-accessible system that uses phones (doesn’t even have to be a smartphone) that are already in everyone’s hands. No apps, no pre-registration, no data. Just a missed-call to a number at the premises you visit.

Download the concept paper here: PDF

If you would like to develop or implement this system, please contact