NetBox update #1 – Prototyping

NetBox update #1 – Prototyping

November 26, 2020 Off By jaykayenn

The prototype NetBox for Education is coming along. Hardware was relatively simple. with single-board-computer parts being readily available. Installing and setting up all the server software and massive amounts of content, however, is a bit more complicated. 

The server software is a collection by IIAB. Installation on top of a headless Debian OS started off easily, but required some troubleshooting in network configurations. Not all parts of the collection were working correctly either, and some customization was neccessary. A few days of editing configuration files and re-running installation scripts finally got the NetBox working the way I wanted it. 

Next, content. 

IIAB integrates several server platforms, so there are also several formats and processes needed to find, download, and install all the different content. 

First up were the various Wikis. These have been confirmed on the manifest:

  • Wikipedia EN
  • Wikipedia BM
  • Wikibooks EN
  • Wikibooks BM
  • Wiktionary EN
  • Wiktionary BM
  • Wikiversity EN

All the above Wikis have been integrated in their entirety, including media files. That’s about 120GB already. 

Next up is Khan Academy. The catalogue and courseware platform are working via KA Lite server, but content is being downloaded separately. Another 50GB or so (low-res version). 

Other things that have made it into the list are:

  • PhET (EN and BM) – Interactive labs and learning tools from University of Colorado
  • Greatest Books of the World – from Gutenberg Project
  • Scale of the Universe – Interactive demo of everything in the universe to scale
  • World Map – Basically, Google Earth. 
  • Music Theory – Interactive tools and lessons 

Besides content, there are web services like Elgg (social media platform) and NextCloud (file storage/sharing). These need further testing. 

To be continued.