NetBox summary

NetBox summary

December 28, 2020 Off By jaykayenn

What is NetBox?

An all-in-one internet server providing various website content and services via built-in WiFi hotspot. It is designed to provide content/services to schools/communities that are not able to get regular internet access. 

How does it work?

The device has been pre-configured to automatically run all the web servers. Simply connect a USB-C power cable to power-up the device. A WiFi hotspot will also be generated; simply connect to the WiFi using any computer/smartphone/etc and open a web browser like normal. The homepage is available at http://box where you will find links to all the built-in websites and services. 

What content has been loaded?

NetBox for Education has been loaded with over 200GB of content for education use. That’s more than 10 million articles, books, videos, etc. This includes:

  • Entire Wikipedia (EN + BM)
  • Entire WIktionary (EN + BM)
  • Entire Wikibooks
  • Entire Wikiversity
  • Entire Wikitravel
  • Gutenberg Books (200 most famous books)
  • Open-source textbooks
  • Khan Academy – Learning Management System and class content for primary/secondary school. 
  • TED Talks – inspirational videos by experts on various topics
  • OpenMaps – Global map system like Google Maps
  • PhET – Interactive science lab modules
  • Music Theory – Interactive lessons and tools
  • WordPress – Website hosting platform
  • NextCloud – Cloud storage/file sharing service

NetBox is also a fully functional desktop PC. Just connect keyboard/mouse/monitor and use.